Urgent PC Posterior Tibal Nerve Stimulation

What isĀ Urgent PC posterior tibal nerve stimulation?

Urgent PC is a non-surgical, non-drug treatment for overactive bladder and urinary symptoms, including urinary urgency, frequency and urge incontinence. The Urgent PC Neuromodulation System has been used by healthcare professionals since 2003 and is effective for men and women who are suffering from an overactive bladder.*

The Urgent PC system uses a specific type of neuromodulation called percutaneous tibal nerve stimulation (PTNS). PTNS is a non-surgical treatment that is low-risk. The procedure works by indirectly providing electrical stimulation to the nerves in that body that are responsible for pelvic floor and bladder function.*

What does the procedure entail?

During treatment, a small, thin needle electrode is inserted into the body near the ankle. The needle electrode, which is connected to a battery-powered stimulator, sends mild impulses along the leg to the nerves in the pelvis that control bladder function.

This is a simple office procedure, much like acupuncture, that is performed once a week for 12 weeks. Sessions last 30 minutes and are painless. Most patients describe a “pulsating” or “tingling” sensation. There is no down time and the procedure is essentially risk free.

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*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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