My Breast Cancer Story

As a 5-year Stage 3 breast cancer survivor, I know firsthand the toll, both physical and emotional, that such a diagnosis and treatment can take on a woman. While I am, by training, a pelvic floor disorder specialist, my personal experience with cancer has given me a particularly personal perspective on the contribution of gynecologic cancers to the disruption of a woman’s quality of life. I have since found myself particularly passionate about treating the urinary and pelvic floor health issues in women with a history of breast, uterine, ovarian, cervical or rectal cancer.

My experience was, perhaps, like many others. It started with disbelief, a little bit of denial, but luckily then came a quick awareness of the need for an immediate and aggressive treatment plan. Thanks to the wonderful doctors and surgeons at Torrance Memorial Medical Center, after 4 months of chemotherapy, 10 weeks of radiation treatments and 6 surgeries later, I was cancer-free and fully reconstructed. I still find it interesting how only AFTER undergoing so much did I start to really take an active role in my own preventative health and improvement of quality of life issues.

All women, with a history of cancer treatment or not, should feel empowered to seek out information on treatment options for quality of life effecting issues such as: urinary incontinence, pain with intercourse, vaginal dryness, overactive bladder, low libido/sex drive, lack of vaginal tone, vaginal prolapse, chronic bladder infections or vaginal/labial cosmetic concerns.

The MonaLisa Touch laser treatment was actually initially developed for women with a history of breast cancer suffering from vaginal atrophy symptoms, including painful intercourse, dryness and recurrent bladder infections. Since proving to be so effective, this laser has now become a mainstay of treatment for any woman suffering from these symptoms, even without a history of cancer.

The TempSure Vitalia radiofrequency treatment is the newest technology in the radiofrequency revolution and provides excellent results for improving vaginal tone, lack of vaginal sensation and mild pelvic prolapse or stress/exertional incontinence.  With this device I can even perform in-office labial skin tightening or even labiaplasties for enhanced cosmetic appearance and/or improved irritative symptoms of enlarged labia minora.

I am happy to share more of my personal story with any patient and I am happy to do free in-office or by-phone consultations to discuss our laser technologies with patients to find out if they are candidates for treatment!

Dr. Shelby Morrisroe

My Journey In Pictures


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